High Ho, High Ho... to Grandma's Kitchen We Go! Remember the days when absolutely nothing would cure your woes quite like a fresh bowl of goodness from Grandma?

So do we.
Only the Best Ingredients
Can Bring You the
Highest Quality If your Grandma wouldn't do it, neither will we. Treat Yourself

To Grandma Baker's

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Our love-Baked treats are made with whole plant cannabis infused goodness along with a variety of wholesome ingredients. Get ready for a dose of extra love.

Say HIGH to Our Delectable Edibles

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Your High


We don’t compromise on our edibles because we don’t compromise on ingredients. Only the most wholesome ingredients are used when baking in Grandma Baker’s Kitchen. No artificial dyes, colorings or preservatives. Our treats will leave you high, happy and guilt-free. If your Grandma wouldn’t do it, neither will we.

The Long Strange Trip

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High n' Happy

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