Our Promise to You

Grandma Baker’s Edibles is committed to getting you high. We only offer the tastiest, strongest and most decedent edibles you will come to recognize as Grandma Baker’s. We believe in answering the call to those needing immediate, non-evasive and affordable relief from mental and medical conditions. We have spent over a decade to perfect our dosage consistency into what it is today, promising you an equal dose no matter the treat. Grandma Baker’s always wants to leave you high, happy and ready for more.

We Are Family and Family Comes First

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Grandma loves each and every one of you like our own. That’s why our edibles are fresh-baked with care, consideration and absolutely loaded with extra love. Grandma know best, so relax and feel the love.

We are a family-owned, equal opportunity company that strongly believes we are only as good as our products. Grandma Baker’s was born in Orange County, California and is now producing infused treats out of the heart of Long Beach, California. Our experienced Pastry Chef takes pride in all of our recipes and only uses the most wholesome ingredients. Our edibles will never contain distillate. Only the highest quality cannabis is used to create the most effective full spectrum infusion possible, which is responsible for so much of the extra love. We are traditional hippies at heart servicing both the old school and the new school cannabis communities. Our kitchen isn’t funded by big pockets or empty promises so the next time you need to re-up, don’t forget, Grandma knows best ♥!

Home-Baked Happy

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Naturally Sourced

Grandma Bakers has spent 38 years building trusted relationships with people of the cannabis community all throughout California.


Honest Ingredients

Using organic when possible, Grandma sticks to only the most wholesome, carefully selected ingredients when baking in our kitchen.


Whole-Plant Usage

From seed to plant to extract, Grandma Bakers has maintained a rigorous standard of quality ensuring its level of balance, delivery and effects across the entire spectrum of edibles.

The True Visionary behind Grandma Baker’s

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“This has been a long, rocky road. I’m so grateful to everyone who has stuck by my side and showed me love and respect throughout the years. You take care of me and I’ll take care of you. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. It’s what drives my motivation towards creating the best products possible. Clean ingredients that are healthy for your heart, body and soul.”  –Bob

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