Our Legacy

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Baking in Grandma Baker’s kitchen on Sundays was a rich tradition. A tradition that we now pass on to our patrons through traditional flavors, techniques and recipes cultivated over the years from our friends and family, some of cannabis cultures favorite musical artists and of course our very own Grandma Baker.

38 Years and Still Here

Grandma Baker's • OG

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“I mastered my art in the Grateful Dead parking lots 38 years ago.”

“I look at the plant differently than most people do. For me, it’s about the product and people first”. –Bob Baker

This compassionate mindset provides the foundation our staff and supporters have grown to admire from Grandma Baker’s. Bob Baker, the founder of Grandma Baker’s has been making edibles for over 3 decades. “I mastered my art in the Grateful Dead parking lots 38 years ago.” As you might imagine, the crowds were incredible, and the fans knew how to have a great time. In those days, the goal was simple – make an intoxicating treat to be enjoyed by yourself, friends and fellow concertgoers that leave them with an experience they’d truly remember. His goal proved successful with a quick and strong following of cannabis consumers who began seeking him out at shows in hopes of attaining some of his treats. This warm welcome was all it took for Bob to create what we know today as “Grandma Bakers.”

Bob originally pulled his edible recipes from his grandma’s cookbook—hence the name Grandma Baker’s. Over the years these recipes were incorporated to their menu to expand their product offerings. Yes, Grandma Baker was an actual loving grandmother who prided herself on baking these recipes for her family minus the “extra loaded” part. As you might expect, all of the recipes call for wholesome ingredients like unbleached flour, organic milk, and cage-free eggs. That’s how Grandma Baker does it! Now you can enjoy them too, but now with a little extra love.

Grandma Baker’s decade-long cannabis journey was paved with trials, triumphs, and legal battles. We have survived Prop 215, a raid and welcomed in Prop 64 by complying with every cannabis regulation in California. Which allowed us to become one of the most reliable, compliant brands in the industry.

Our Future is High

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Grandma Baker’s cannabis is well-known on the West Coast for its purity. We use full-plant extraction in all of our goods. It is widely known that a majority of other cannabis companies are using isolates and distillates—as well as artificial colors and ingredients in their edibles, which impacts the effect and taste of the product.  At Grandma Baker’s we find health and wellness to be a very important part of the cannabis community. We strive to always improve and find new ways to serve our patients and customers. As we continue to grow look forward to new products in every category, and as soon as we can; cannabis events, special concerts, and incredible collaborations that we’re sure everyone will enjoy.

Our future is bright, and we are bringing all of you along to enjoy the shine. Join our happy, growing family here at Grandma Bakers for a high and rewarding journey into the cannasphere. Let’s create history together and blast into tomorrow.  We’re ready, are you?!

No Tricks • All Treats

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Grandma Baker’s is committed to getting you HIGH, naturally, safely and responsibly.

“I’m going to make products that get you high but at the same time, they’re going to give you nutrition.”

– Bob Baker