Our Story

Grandma Bakers

We’ve been making it great since 1989 when our founder began following the Grateful Dead shows. As you might imagine, the crowds were incredible and the fans really knew how to have a great time. In those days, the goal was as simple- make an intoxicating treat for yourself to be enjoyed at the concert and bring some for your friends and fellow concert-goers that they would truly remember. Success was confirmed when we had a cult following of fans who began to actually seek him out at the next shows in hopes of getting some of these treats.
Over the years, the number of product offerings grew as Grandma Baker’s recipes were incorporated in the product offerings. Yes, Grandma Baker was a real and loving grandmother who prided herself in baking these recipes for her family and now you can enjoy them too, but with a twist. As you might expect, all of the recipes call for wholesome ingredients like unbleached flour, organic milk, and cage-free eggs. That’s how Grandma Baker does it!

Mission Statement:

The mission of Grandma Baker’s Edibles is to provide the best medicinal cannabis-infused edibles for those individuals that seek help for medical conditions.  You can also count on Grandma to provide the most consistent, best quality, and competitively priced edibles.  We feel we have a social responsibility to help provide relief to those with medical conditions like cancer, epilepsy, arthritis, etc.  We also want to help military veterans who are often times dealing with mental and physical wounds you might not be able to see.


Bob Baker, the founder of Grandma Baker’s, has been making edibles for over 3 decades. “I mastered my art in the Grateful Dead parking lots 37 years ago,” he says. “I look at the plant differently than most people do. For me, it’s about the product and people first.”

Baker originally pulled his edible recipes from his grandma’s cookbook—hence the name Grandma Baker’s. His relentless focus on the health value of his products—using CBD to treat cancer patients, and refusing to use preservatives or bleached flour in his edibles—led to rappers like Method Man and Ghostface Killah calling him “Dr. Bob.”

Baker’s cannabis is well-known on the West Coast for its purity. An article from OC Weekly found that Baker’s cannabis came back 100 percent free from any pesticides, butane or alcohol—“it was completely clean.” Grandma Baker uses full-plant extraction in all their goods and according to Baker, the majority of other companies are using isolates and desolates—as well as industrially grown hemp— in theirs.

“I’m going to make products that get you high,” Baker says, “But at the same time, they’re going to give you nutrition.”